Our background

Fassilo was founded 37 years back by Ato Fassil Meknonnen establishing a well known brand until its recent rebranding to Fassilo indicating its’ continued focus on customers and quality. We currently employ over 80 workers, all working at our factory in Mekanissa, Addis Ababa.

The burgeoning real estate market has led to growth in various related segments of the market to which our company Fassil Mekonnen Memorial Wood Work Plc finds itself in a very good fit with. We primarily supply custom made wood related finishing materials for real estate developers and individuals.

At current time, and after having further strengthened our financial position, we are actively working with consolidating our product ranges, restructuring and enforcing at various levels anticipating larger market access as a result of our relatively pronounced presence. We are doing this with maintained focus on excellence in product quality and timely delivery.

Why us?

Good design, Durability, Timeliness and Attention to your Needs is what sets Fassilo apart

Right from the beginning of Fassilo 37 years back, we have chosen to focus on the relatively smaller segment of clients that knows what they want and challenges us to rise to their requirements. We have always been able to deliver and exceed these challenges delivering finishing materials that are durable and looks good. It’s such an immense pleasure when a client we supplied some decades ago calls us to maintain our earlier works. Not many in our sector have this frame of reference and experience.

Don’t take our word for it, and please find testimonials from some of our recent clients, a mix of corporate and private clients, that has expressed their views (needless to say that all testimonials expressed here are unsolicited and unabridged).

Our responsibility

We believe responsibility is sustained when shared by all affected. We therefore strive not only to participate in external initiatives, as good citizens of the world, but to also enable our employees. Enabling our employees means to equip them with knowledge to understand their environmental and social context better thereby empowering them to contribute for our common good.

These enabling efforts takes place in different ways but has some common theme, namely as a citizen learn

  • to be a critical thinker
  • to think globally and consume locally and
  • to be environmentally conscious in all of ones endeavors

Our team

Our current management team is composed of dynamic and experienced individuals who as a whole has been able to turn Fassilo to a successful and growing company in a short period.

Rateneh Fassil
is the managing director, and as a young, educated, motivated and focused business man Rateneh takes responsibility for the overall business development efforts and provides overall leadership for the entire management team. Rateneh aside from Fassilo also runs several successful businesses under the Sewite Trading Plc umbrella.

Our mission

has right from the beginning been to deliver customized, well designed, wood based quality building finishing materials


you will find instilled is to be dependable and provide finishing that are simple and durable

Our focus

is always on the customer

Our vision

  • People - for the driven, a great place to work and create
  • Customer - keep on improving our products quality
  • Planet - be a responsible citizen
  • Profit - maximize it without compromising our values

Our culture

is based on giving it all The human touch and transparency

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Installed and Ready

A hustle free experience where we take full responsibility for the entire process from measurement at your site to installation. It can't be any easier.

Contact us for consultation

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